“Planets Alive” is the most important project of ours (that is, Tomasz and me) right now. Based on the idea of visualizing the peculiarities of the eight planets, it is about awareness, perhaps even in a deeper sense than just the sensibility to the big problems of today. Art speaks indirectly, through allusions, associations, imagery and imagination. We’d like to revive mankind’s reverence for the earth. To educate, to awaken the sense of being one of many species inhabiting the planet carries with it a moral imperative – the need to support the natural world on which we depend. The big motivating factor is our cooperation with Vogue Italia, a medium well-known for its high profile in photography and engagement in global debates. This places a great responsibility on us.

CREATOR – the movie

It started as a spin-off of our main photo project, but soon evolved into an independent movie production, “Creator”. Something that falls in a realm in between documentary and feature film. The story will be made up of footage of real events, as well as pre-scripted, staged scenes. The rest must remain secret until the premiere to be announced in a few months.